Birthplace of the Moscow Mule

Exterior of the Cock 'n Bull in 1937 (colorized)
The Cock 'n Bull in the 1980s
Former Hornburg Jaguar building (Cock 'n Bull occupied the left side)
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Cock 'n Bull logo

The building on the Sunset Strip that once housed the Cock ‘n Bull is slated for demolition. A celebrity hotspot for 50 years, it was the birthplace of the Moscow Mule.

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Cock 'n Bull Ginger Beer and Copper Mug



A Place Called the Garden of Allah

‘I’ll be damned if I’ll believe anyone lives in a place called the Garden of Allah.’ – Thomas Wolfe, in a letter to F. Scott Fitzgerald, July 26, 1937
The most complete history available of the Garden of Allah Hotel, which for 32 year was an oasis of sophisticated hedonism in Hollywood. Its long list of celebrity guests included movie stars, world-renowned musicians, assorted aristocrats and even a mobster or two.
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Johnny Depp’s Hidden Castle

Hollywood tour guides once told tourists that the gloomy castle looming above the Sunset Strip was the home of Bela Lugosi, star of “Dracula,” the 1931 hit horror film. It wasn’t Lugosi’s home, of course. In 1994, Johnny Depp starred in “Ed Wood,” a movie about Lugosi’s last film. Depp bought the castle a year later. The castle is called Mt. Kalmia and this is its story.
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Early History

US Camel Corps, Harpers Magazine, c. 1857

1864: Greek George Caralambo and His Camels Settled in Melrose Place

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The Truth Behind This Photo of Marilyn Monroe and Ella Fitzgerald

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Film & Television

The History of the Sunset Strip in Five Rollicking, Animated Minutes

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The Crescent Heights Market, including world-famous Schwab's Drug Store, on the south side of Sunset between Laurel and Crescent Heights