The History of the Sunset Strip in Five Rollicking, Animated Minutes

Under the opening credits in the definitive historical documentary, “Sunset Strip,” the filmmakers included a five-minute animation with the Strip denizens you see here exclusively in this slide show.
Check out the animation and our interview with “Sunset Strip” director Hans Fjellestad, whom The Hollywood Reporter called “the Kens Burns of the Underworld.”
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Hacienda Park & the Origins of the Sunset Strip

In 1906, Sunset Boulevard was extended from Hollywood west into a new 140-acre development called Hacienda Park. Today that extension is known as the Sunset Strip. In this feature exhibit, we present the history of Hacienda Park and early residents, like A-list Hollywood madam Lee Francis, shown here during her trial in the 1940s. We fact check claims she ran a brothel in the Piazza del Sol.
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A Place Called the Garden of Allah

‘I’ll be damned if I’ll believe anyone lives in a place called the Garden of Allah.’ – Thomas Wolfe, in a letter to F. Scott Fitzgerald, July 26, 1937
The most complete history available of the Garden of Allah Hotel, which for 32 year was an oasis of sophisticated hedonism in Hollywood. Its long list of celebrity guests included movie stars, world-renowned musicians, East Coast and European aristocrats and even a mobster or two.
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Charges dropped: from left, Allen Smiley, attorney Jerry Geisler, Patricia Dane Dorsey and Tommy Dorsey

Battle of the Balcony: The Mother of All Celebrity Brawls

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Rock n’ Roll

Micky Cohen

Excavating the Viper Room – Early History of One of the Sunset Strip’s Oldest Buildings

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The Strip was once a Gambler’s Playground, Why Not Let the Games Resume?

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The Crescent Heights Market, including world-famous Schwab's Drug Store, on the south side of Sunset between Laurel and Crescent Heights