1934: Cafe Trocadero Opens

Cafe La Boheme, at 8614 Sunset in Sunset Plaza, was closed when Billy Wilkerson acquired and remodeled it with what […]

1890s Farms and Estates

The transcontinental railroads reached Los Angeles in the 1880s, transforming it seemingly overnight from a dusty, brawling pueblo at the […]


The Sunset Strip c. 1950The Sunset Strip c. 1950The Sunset Stripc. 1950Sunset Plazaca. 1940.Sunset Plazaca. 1940.Hacienda Park Apartmentsca. 1927Hacienda Park […]

West Hollywood History

Located six miles west of Downtown Los Angeles, West Hollywood is situated at the foot of the Hollywood Hills, a […]

The Garden’s Playground

Nearby Nightclubs on the Sunset Strip As the 1930s came to an end a series of celebrity nightclubs opened on […]


Crescent Heights In 1909 William Hay, a wealthy 45-year-old real-estate entrepreneur, went on a honeymoon cruise around the world with […]