Dr. Robert Franklyn

In the mid-1960s, A-list plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Franklyn (right) commissioned Brazilian star-chitect Oscar Niemeyer to design his new clinic on the Sunset Strip.

Franklyn, author of “The Art of Staying Young” and “A Doctor’s Quick Way to Achieve Lasting Beauty,” was a pioneer in breast enhancement, which may explain why he chose to locate his clinic halfway between Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

Franklyn’s Beauty & Youth Pavilion (left) at 8760 Sunset Blvd. opened in November 1967. Now painted green it’s Mutato Muzika, the recording studio of Devo’s Mark Mothersbaugh.

There is a more in-depth look at the Neimeyer Building by architect and historian Gus Heully at this link. Gus Huelly is a member of the West Hollywood History Center’s Advisory Board.

Mutato Muzika designed in 1967 by the famous Brazilian architected, Oscar Niemeyer