2 Thoughts on “Nude Wrestling Academy on Santa Monica Boulevard – Then and Now”

  • It was the Garden of Alla and I believe originally the prioject of the mainly silent movie star Alla Nazimova.
    The now demolished bank was the creation of businessman Bart Lytton who in his prime was an important LA mover and shaker. The same week his bank was torn down, the Hammer Building at LACMA was demolished. Bart Lytton was an early and great benefactor of the art museum, but he had business reverses and couldn’t fulfill his pledges.
    On the second floor of the Hammer Building there was a plaque in honor of Bart and Beth Lytton commemorating their benefaction to LACMA. This plaque was almost hidden in a corner and one really had to search for it. Now that is gone. Both bank and plaque in the same week. It’s been said that “success” is a bitch goddess.

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